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Deer Park After School Program

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Our After School Program Includes Transportation And Tons Of Fun!

Tired of worrying about where your child is headed when school lets out for the day? Let us handle it all for you!

At CEV Athletics Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA, we are proud to offer a comprehensive After School program for students all across Deer Park. We'll help your child stay active, develop valuable life skills, and have a blast every day! 

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Why Is Our After School Program Right For Your Child?

We're helping students all across Deer Park have a great time each afternoon with exciting martial arts, dance and cheer classes, and fun sports activities in a safe, supportive environment.

Your child's safety is our #1 priority, so we offer FREE transportation from your child's school directly to our facility in our comfortable and fully inspected and insured vehicles. 

They'll take on high-energy martial arts, cheer, dance, and sports training AND meet a great group of new friends.

If you are ready for your child to develop Confidence, Discipline, and Respect, while learning how to become Bully-Proof, then you have come to the right place!

Our goal is to give your child the opportunity to set and achieve goals, make new friends, and begin the journey of earning a black belt in our after school program!

Our After School program offers students of all backgrounds:

  • An increase in their self-esteem, confidence, and assertiveness
  • Important social and teamwork skills
  • A great opportunity to make new friends
  • Heightened discipline, concentration, and respect
  • Great mind-body coordination
  • Goal setting both individually and as a group
  • Using creativity with combinations on the mats
  • Better focus in school and at home
  • Self-defense training and how to prevent bullying or bullying behaviors

AND when you're done with the work day, your child will be all set for an evening full of quality family time!

PLUS, Your Child Will Enjoy The Added Variety of Sports, Cheer, and Tumbling!

Our after school program keeps things exciting by providing a variety of exciting sports activities that we do indoors during the after school program and outdoors when we have special camp days! 

Your child is going to have so much fun learning new sports, making new friends, and achieving goals!

And, with our tumbling and dance classes, our students enjoy music, rhythm, and much more! Your child is going to have a blast in these classes! You will see a huge improvement in your child's strength, coordination, and flexibility!

These classes are perfect for boys and girls of all experience levels and they are included in your after school program membership!

We're Developing Well-Rounded Students In No Time

Sure, our students love the high-energy fun that our training can offer. But as a parent, we know you're interested in so much more. That's why we're helping every child in our program develop valuable life skills one step at a time.

Between all the exciting games and activities that our After School program offers, we're also giving them the chance to develop: 

  • Courage and perseverance 
  • Improved focus
  • Better grades
  • Leadership and teamwork skills
  • More confidence
  • Bully prevention strategies
  • Lifelong habits of physical activity

Our goal is simple... It's to inspire your child to be successful in school, sports, and in life. From the moment you and your child meet our incredible family of coaches, you will know that joining our after school program was the best decision you could have made for your child!

Join Us Today For The Best After School Program In Deer Park!

Give your child the best chance to succeed with our After School program here at CEV Athletics Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. We're proud to serve students all across Deer Park and we can't wait for your child to be next!

We serve these elementary schools:

  • Deer Park Elementary School
  • Carpenter Elementary School
  • Parkwood Elementary School
  • Fairmont Elementary School
  • Deep Water Elementary School
  • Dabbs Elementary School

"Parents In Deer Park Love This After School Program!"

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Join Us In Deer Park Today For The Best Training In Town!

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